Kasra Keshmiri





United Kingdom

Kirkdale Studios is dedicated to my father and grandfather. Both successful in their craft and the people I strive to become.

kasra keshmiri interview - Founder Of Kirkdale Studios - Bespoke Contract Furniture for the Hospitality Industry
Your inspirations

There are two people in my life that I really look up to; my grandfather and father.  My grandfather was a respected engineer, my father founded a cabinet-making factory in Iran, then after over a decade of success, he spent over 20 years in the UK running restaurants and a portfolio of  commercial properties.

Growing up I was surrounded by my family’s business, design was a passion and through what I have learnt and the people and mentors I met along the way, Kirkdale Studios was envisioned then created. 

Have you always had a passion for furniture?

Since I was a child, I have always shown passion for design. Whether I was sketching characters from books, playing with Lego, or just hammering nails into floorboards, I was always working with my hands and trying to create the image in my mind. 

“To become trend leaders, competing only with ourselves to become the best in what we do.”
Is your education related

With a Masters and BA/Hons in Product Design, specialising in Furniture design. Understand manufacturing processes and the ability to design furniture certainly plays a big role in my development of this industry.

Why partner with Matt

I worked with Matt back in 2015, since then we have been great friends. His characteristics are completely different to mine, so we seem to make a good pair.

I’m an idealist and visionary, erring on staying safe with making big decisions, mostly investing in low-risk businesses. Matt on the other hand, having had 12 years of working with start-ups, isn’t shy from taking big risks. As my catalyst to this venture, his operational skills are what we needed to complete Kirkdale Studios, and with that he is the ideal business partner.

What’s the aim?

To demonstrate the creativity  of supplying furniture. To become trend leaders, competing only with ourselves to become the best in what we do.