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How was …….. born?

Can ́t comment here…

What childhood experiences have influenced your outlook on design?

I guess it had always been rather a practical approach to objects and their functionality when I was a child. I discovered only much later that the visual aspect or even fun can totally transform your enjoyment of using a product.

Do you have any design idols?

Czech glass artists of the second half of 20th century, makers who push their skills with a material to the very limit.

How do you spend your free time?

I am a very cultural person and enjoy various activities, more on an alternative side. I love the sea and mountains and the sports related to them.

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pavel johnson
sofa designer
Where in the world has had the biggest influence on you?

The Czech Republic and London.

How does design influence your way of life?

I love to surround myself with quality things and with stories. Sometimes it reminds an obsession when choosing even the right looking sponge 🙂

Do you have an item which is priceless to you?

I would walk to our first office in Shoreditch many years around the Pure Evil Gallery. I got a painting with dedication for my 30th birthday.

What are your simple pleasures?

Japanese green tea.

Describe your style


Good or bad, do you have any habits?

I try to have habits, the good ones 🙂

If we could make any item of furniture for you, what would it be

Trolley bar.

Without furniture what would you sit on?

I like the Moroccan style seating cushions.


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