True Ugliness can be a Treat

By Kirkdale Studios


September 2023

“True Ugliness can be a treat”
You said you wanted an upholstered chair?

We believe that true comfort in seating is an art form. Upholstered is often thought to be soft and luxurious compared to a non upholstered chair but wooden and metal chairs can be just as comfortable without the padding and often provide easier upkeep. The furniture you choose sets the tone for your establishment but we show you all of the chair options available before you make a choice about your new furniture. Decisions, Decisions!

This design by Martino Gamper reminds us of the common misconception that an upholstered chair is always more comfortable than its non-upholstered counterpart. 

This armchair, named ‘Inflation’, was created as part of Gamper’s series ‘100 chairs in 100 days’ where he combined pieces from disused, found furniture to create a brand new chair everyday. By taking a traditionally wooden backed chair and adding an upholstery, Gamper has definitely changed the look and feel of this armchair but is it really  better? Do you think it would be as enjoyable to sit in as the original chair?

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Martino Gamper’s ingenious designs have sparked a revolution: there is a notion that an upholstered chair reigns supreme in comfort. But is this always the case? We invite you to ponder over this question – do you instinctively lean towards an upholstered seat? The answer might surprise you!

Every chair boasts its own set of standards, carefully calibrated to serve specific purposes. Some chairs excel in quick casual dining, offering a delightful experience for up to 45 minutes. Others are crafted for extended use, inviting you to settle in for a cosy lounge session, all while still maintaining their dining functionality. 

Let’s confront the upholstery conundrum. Does a chair truly gain comfort from both seat and back upholstery? At Kirkdale Studios, we challenge this notion. Why not consider a cane back or an extended surface area on the backrest? Our products re-imagine comfort, offering innovative alternatives to traditional upholstery.

At Kirkdale Studios, we understand that each client possesses unique requirements. Our meticulous approach ensures that every chair proposed to you aligns seamlessly with its intended use. Whether you seek a chair for leisurely lounging, elegant dining, or extended work sessions, we have the perfect match for you.

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