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Working on many challenging projects over the years has given me the robust sense that there is a solution to every problem.

Our Pitch London project, a golf club interior design collaboration with Atelier Wren involving bespoke contract clubhouse furniture.

About Pitch London

Home of the “enhanced golfing experience” Pitch opened their second members venue in Soho in April 2022.  Tucked away in quiet Meard Street, the flagship Soho clubhouse is both a golfing sanctuary from the outside world, whilst at the same time only seconds from the heart of the action.

This unique 8,000 sq ft venue offers expert academies, cutting-edge tech, a sophisticated bar and relaxed social space all under one roof.

The golf club interior design project

When the Pitch London Golf Club decided to update their clubhouse, they turned to Atelier Wren, a team of interior design experts for help. We worked alongside them to provide bespoke contract furniture for this project. Our goal was to create an interior design that reflected the unique character and style of the club, while also providing members with a comfortable and inviting space to relax in.

To achieve this, we created a bespoke contract furniture solution that was tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the club. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen worked closely with the club’s management to create custom-made furniture that was both functional and attractive.

The stunning interior, by the design team at Atelier Wren offers a cosy and relaxed feel, while still being vibrant and exciting. From the stylish and comfortable seating to the practical storage solutions, every piece of furniture was carefully considered to ensure a cohesive and enjoyable clubhouse experience.

Our Bespoke Contract Clubhouse Furniture

Our bespoke contract furniture solutions are designed to last, made from only the finest materials to ensure they can stand up to the demands of daily use in a clubhouse setting. We believe that clubhouse furniture is an integral part of the member experience, and that’s why we are dedicated to creating furniture solutions that are both practical and attractive.

If you’re looking to update the interior design of your clubhouse, look no further than our team of experts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect bespoke contract furniture solutions for your golf club.

pitch London golf club interior design
pitch London golf club interior design bar stools lounge area

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