Maria Oliva

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United Kingdom

My architectural background has led me to have a deep understanding of both the smallest detail and the greater spatial experience.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a qualified architect with a passion for commercial interior projects. I’ve grown up in Italy and studied in Milan, surrounded by Italian elegance, the love for good food and excellent design.

How was Maria Oliva Interiors born?

I started working as an architect in London and soon realised that I wanted to design interiors and focus on the small details that often get overlooked in architecture. 

I was drawn by hospitality design by the opportunity to create memorable experiences for people, and unique spaces with a powerful message, tailored for each brand.

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What are you looking for when choosing a chair for your restaurant projects?

Comfort, Esthetic and Practicality. From the point of view of the restaurant owner you need a lightweight chair, easy to move around and that doesn’t take up too much floor space.

From the point of view of the customer, you need a chair to seat comfortably and visually pleasing. As a designer, my goal is to make everyone happy.

If you could design any item of furniture, what would it be?

A chaise lounge that could be used both indoors and outdoors. There is so much more that could be done with garden furniture! 

"We design interiors for memorable experiences"
Maria Oliva
Maria Oliva Interiors
How do you spend your free time?

Travelling with my motorbike. I like to have the freedom to leave without worrying much about the destination. It feels like having a new adventure every time. This keeps me curious and open to new discoveries.

Where in the world has had the biggest influence on you?

Every trip is a source of inspiration. Perhaps Milan is where I can collect most of my design treasures and London is where my creativity is constantly awakened, by the rapidly evolving design scene.

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Maria Oliva


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