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March 2024

A Guide to Hotel Furniture Selection

The art of selecting furniture for hotel projects demands a careful balance between aesthetics, functionality, safety, and durability. As a supplier of contract furniture, Kirkdale Studios is committed to guiding interior designers and FF&E specifiers through this complex landscape. Our consolidated guide encapsulates some of the essentials and expands upon them to ensure your hotel spaces not only meet regulatory standards and practical needs but also resonate with guests through design and comfort.

CRIB5 Compliance: The Safety Standard

A non-negotiable aspect of furniture selection is adherence to CRIB5 compliance, a critical fire safety standard for all upholstery fabrics and fillings within the UK. This ensures that all hotel furnishings meet stringent fire resistance requirements, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety for guests. While loose scatter cushions are not legally bound by this standard, opting for CRIB5 compliance across all elements, including these, is advisable for comprehensive safety coverage.

We ensure that all our fabrics are supplied with a backcoating treatment that will pass CRIB 5 testing. Occasionally fabric will also need to be upholstered with an additional interliner to meet these safety standards but we communicate with our fire treatment house and our factories to ensure that your furniture is as safe as possible. 

Fabric Considerations for Unique Spaces

Furniture destined for hotel spas and fitness centers requires particular attention. Not only must upholstery on these items be CRIB 5 compliant, but they should also be waterproof to withstand the humid and wet conditions characteristic of such environments. 

Perennials is an exemplary company that offers a range of high-quality, durable, and stylish waterproof fabrics suitable for these unique settings, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. Read bellow for more examples of fabrics that are resistant to mold and moisture.

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Contract Exterior Fabrics

Perennials design every fabric with indoor and outdoor in mind, their fabrics are fade resistant, mildew- and mold-resistant, making them an excellent choice for spas, gardens or any high traffic space. They offer collections in velvet, weaves, prints and vegan leather.

Stunning Colourful Weaves: Romo offers a collection of velvet and weave fabrics designed to withstand fading and moisture. With sumptuous textures and bold patterns, Romo’s collections add character to furniture whether they’re used inside or out.

Marine Vinyl Collections: Sunbury offers a range of marine vinyl fabrics designed to withstand the rigours of marine environments. Collections like “Torro” and “Canyon” are known for their durability and resistance to moisture.

Marine-Grade Collections: Agua Fabrics specialises in performance fabrics, including those suitable for marine environments. Collections like “Aries, AquaGuard” are engineered to be water-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for marine upholstery.

Selecting the Correct Products and Materials

The durability and appearance of stone surfaces in hotels are vital considerations. Materials such as granite, quartz, resin, or porcelain are increasingly preferred for their resilience and resistance to staining and acid etching. Unlike more porous options like marble or concrete, these materials offer a blend of durability and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal choices for areas prone to heavy use or exposure to staining substances. 


When placing tables on carpeted areas, the selection of the correct feet becomes crucial. Standard nylon glides are recommended over adjustable feet, which can compromise the stability of the tables. This choice ensures that furniture remains secure and functional, enhancing the guest experience and maintaining the integrity of the design.

Aesthetic Cohesion and Brand Identity

A hotel’s furniture must reflect its brand identity, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The selection process should align with the hotel’s character, appealing to its specific demographic and ensuring a memorable guest experience.

Comfort, Ergonomics, and Sustainability

Ergonomics and comfort are paramount, ensuring furniture not only looks inviting but also supports guest well-being. Additionally, sustainability considerations are increasingly important, with a focus on renewable resources and local sourcing to minimise environmental impact and support community businesses.

Flexibility for Evolving Spaces

Hotels benefit from furniture that offers flexibility and multi-functionality, adapting to changing uses and maximising space efficiency. This approach supports a wide range of activities and guest needs, enhancing the overall functionality of the hotel.

Streamlining Installation with Kirkdale Studios

Hotel renovations or refurbishments often face logistical challenges, especially in older buildings with smaller or non-standard sized doors. In these cases, furniture pieces with smaller footprints or those that can be assembled on-site may be preferable. This approach not only facilitates easier delivery and installation but also minimises disruption to hotel operations.

Recognizing the logistical challenges of furniture installation, especially in hotels with unique access issues or ongoing operations, Kirkdale Studios offers tailored solutions:

  • Warehousing and Phased Deliveries: To accommodate refurbishments in stages and minimise operational disruptions, we provide storage for bulk items and coordinate deliveries according to project phases.
  • Bespoke Solutions and Expert Consultation: Our bespoke furniture options are designed to meet specific design challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for both style and space. Our team’s expert guidance supports you from selection through to installation, ensuring a seamless process.
Small foot print furniture

Navigating hotels with substantial furniture can pose challenges. Opting to assemble furniture directly within the room guarantees a trouble-free installation. Explore a selection of suitable furniture options bellow or discover further details about our delivery and installation packages here. → Delivery Packages

Furniture selection for hotel projects is a multifaceted task that extends well beyond basic functional and regulatory considerations. It encompasses a holistic approach that embraces safety, aesthetics, guest comfort, environmental considerations, and logistical practicalities. At Kirkdale Studios, we are dedicated to supporting interior designers and FF&E specifiers with a blend of high-quality products, expert advice, and custom services tailored to each project’s unique demands.

Embark on your next hotel design project with Kirkdale Studios as your partner. Let us help you navigate the complexities of furniture selection to achieve spaces that are not only compliant and durable but also beautifully resonate with your guests. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your hotel’s design together.