Floorplan with Kirkdale

By Kirkdale Studios


April 2023

Start Designing Custom Floor Plans

Floorplanner is a great tool to aid the design of hospitality venues and visualise plans in 2D and 3D.
Using the following guide, we will walk you through the process of building these plans for your hospitality space.

Drawing a Room

To start your first floor plan, you first need to draw the room or space. All drawing tools can be found in the Build section of the sidebar. 

Length, width and wall height can be manually adjusted to the correct size once the shape has been drawn. Materials can be applied to the walls and floors using the Paint tool, just search for the required colour or texture and drag it onto the wall, floor or structural detail. 

Doors, windows, stairs and other structural details can be placed into your floor plan to perfectly match the space.

Features can also be manually drawn into the plan if your design requires bespoke details.

To add these features click on the Doors and Windows button in the Construction menu. A list of doors and windows will appear in the sidebar where you choose the right item from the library. Drag the required item to the right place on your plan

Tips:  Rooms are made by drawing one rectangular space not by connecting separate walls so start with big rooms and finish with any smaller spaces or closets. 

When drawing multiple levels, the basic structure of the floors are often similar. Copying the similar structure to the next floor can save you a lot of work, so start by drawing any identical details (exterior walls, supporting walls, stairs etc.) then copy it to the next floor.

Adding Furniture

Kirkdale’s range of furniture can be found under the Furniture Library in the Construction menu.  Select the Armchair icon and choose from our collection of furniture. To look for specific items of furniture, use the search feature or look through the common tags to find what you’re looking for. 

Our 3D range of furniture is always growing but if there is a specific item that needs to be featured in the plan, please send us an email request for the item to and we will try to upload a 3D model as soon as possible. 

Editing Objects

Furniture items can be scaled, rotated, mirrored, copied or dimensions can be manually adjusted. Changing the dimensions of the furniture will ensure that each item matches the requirements of the hotel or restaurant venue. 

Simply click on the item to rotate and scale or edit the dimensions in the sidebar.

Tip:  When duplicating multiple objects at once, it’s better to do so in small batches for more accurate placement.

2D/3D Views

Your floor plan automatically starts in 2D with an overhead view of the plan and the furniture. This is great for drawing rooms and adding furniture clearly and accurately. However, you can toggle to a 3D view in the top right corner and bring your design to life. 

3D view allows you to do a virtual walkthrough of your plan and gain a stronger idea of what your design will look like to customers and guests that visit your finished hospitality venue. Walk through your plan by holding shift and left clicking your mouse.

You can adjust the 3D View settings to show floors, feelings or cutaway walls as desired. 

Tip:  Make sure your designs are saved at the top of the page.

Image Export

Cameras (your viewpoint) can be manually placed by repositioning your view or adjusting the settings in the sidebar to change height, angle and perspective.  Once the camera is set up to your desired view, a render of your plan can be created by clicking on Export Image in the top right corner. This will export a render of your current view and send it to the email address linked to your trade account. Your project exports can also be viewed in your floorplanner homepage. 

Tip: We recommend playing with the lighting settings before exporting an image.

Contact us for a Proposal

To view all of the furniture used in the plan, navigate to the Main Design settings in the Construction menu and go to Items in Design. There you can find all of the furniture pieces and materials used in your design or you can export and download the product list. This list will direct you to the item on our website where you can view prices, dimensions and more.

Send this list to where a member of our sales team can get started on a project quote for you.