Table Bases

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September 2022

Everything you need to know about table bases.

When it comes to table bases there are a lot of options to choose from but you should always pick a base that will fulfill the practical needs and aesthetics of the venue

Choosing the right base for your table is important, whether it’s for fine dining or a cafe, the size and shape of a table base will affect the ease and enjoyment of its use. Pedestal bases are the go-to base in the hospitality industry due to their vast array of styles and sizes. They are also unobtrusive and won’t obstruct chairs in the way that conventional table legs will.


The venue’s environment is the first thing to consider when deciding on a base. A base for exterior use will need to meet more conditions than for an interior, as only certain materials will be suitable. 

Most metal pedestal bases can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces as the metal will either be naturally weather-resistant or can be protected to slow the rate of corrosion. 

Metal bases can either have a metallic or coloured finish to match the style of your project. 

Timber bases can also be used outside provided that they are made from Iroko or Robinio, otherwise indoor table bases will typically be Beech, Oak or Ash.  Timber bases tend to have a simpler design although turned bases are also available.

A table base intended for outdoor use must be heavy enough to resist the wind while being light enough to be moved inside at the end of service.

The base needs to be stable enough to support the table top and any extra weight placed on it and each component of the base needs to be suitable for the table top.

The base will either have a flat plate or 3-4 splayed legs which must be large and heavy enough to support the weight of the table top. However, if it’s too large it will restrict foot or chair access and be uncomfortable to use. The most popular choice is the flat round plate although picking a base plate with the same shape as the table top makes for a consistent design once assembled. 

The column connects the base plate to the top and can be in various thickness with a round or square profile which will affect the overall strength, so opt for a thicker column if using a heavier top like solid timber or stone. 

The spider attaches the base and the top by screwing on to the underside of the fixing plate or core depending on the material of the table top. Marble will need to be bonded to a fixing plate (usually MDF) as you cannot screw into the marble top. Take a look at our guide on stone table tops to learn more.

Solid timber tops are supplied with battens to stop the wood warping but if they are close together, there may not be enough room to accommodate the spider, in these cases the manufacturer can sometimes send a smaller spider

Table Height

The height of your table will depend on its purpose. Typically a dining table will be between 740-760mm although that will vary depending on the seating. The tables should not constrain the diner as they should be able to comfortably cross their legs while having their plate at a natural height. Generally the space between the top of the chair and the table should be between 250-300mm. If using armchairs, they should be able to slide under the table top so that they can be neatly tucked in while not in use and not risk damage to the upholstery.


When choosing a table base you also need to consider the floor surface that it will sit on, as an uneven surface will cause a wobbly table. To combat this we recommend always using adjustable feet which can be modified during your installation to level the floor surface.

Our process of collaboration involves daily learning and teaching. The more we learn, the more we develop. If you have questions, we are here to help. 

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