Metal Table Tops

Suppliers Guide


November 2022

Looking for a metal table top but aren’t sure about your options?

A metal table top is a great option for contract use, as it will be hard-wearing, practical and can handle a lot of weight; their durability means that they have a long life without need for much repair or replacement.  We work with experienced craftsmen to produce high quality metal tops that will perfectly complement your hospitality space.

Metal tops generally consist of a metal sheet (between 0.5 and 2mm thick) wrapped and bonded around an MDF, plywood or chipboard core which provides the structure and an attachment point for the table base.  As all metal table tops are fabricated from sheet sizes, there is a size limit if you require the top to be made from one sheet. Copper, brass and zinc tops can still have a seamless look at 2900 x 1100mm or 1000mm diameter, but tables larger than that will have an obvious seam line or be joined together with rivets. The tops are available in a variety of sizes for round, rectangular or bespoke shapes.

Metal tops come in a wide variety of materials and finishes that offer different colours and textures so it's important to know what all your options are when designing your venue. 
Metal Types

The most popular metals used for restaurant and hotel tables are aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, brass and copper. 

    • Aluminium can be used outdoors due to its tough properties and can be matte,shiny, painted or coated for protection and style. 
    • Zinc is interesting for its patina which will naturally age from a bright silver to grey or can be professionally distressed to create a charming effect before any use.
    • Steel is a practical choice for contract furniture as it will be extremely hard-wearing while having a modern industrial look. 
    • Brass tops will add warmth to a venue with its golden colour that can be made matte, shinny or tarnished to add a unique patina.
    • Copper is another metal that will add warmth through its colour and has a range of finishes while being easy to join it can form longer tables or counter tops. 

Popular metal finishes are natural, mirror-polished, patina, hand-beaten or verdigris.

Copper, brass, zinc, pewter and bronze are known as living metals as their appearance will change throughout life because of a reaction to their environment. These beautiful patinas will be unique and make each top charmingly individual. If you want this ageing process to happen naturally, a satin finish will provide an authentic starting point for a natural patina. However, a patina can be chemically applied to the metal for a distinct finish from purchase. 

All of our metal tops are constructed with wrapped edges to prevent scapes of snagged clothing while an edge profile can be chosen to better fit your venue.

Riveting the metal can be an aesthetic option as well as a practical one when joining, they can either be used to create a pattern on the table top or as a decorative touch to the table edge. 

Care and Maintenance

You will need to protect the surface with either a wax or a lacquer to help preserve the patina and stop stains.  However, washing and general use will start to remove the protection. Proper care is the best preventative to a damaged metal top. You should always remove food or liquid spills as quickly as possible to avoid staining and use a clean, soft cloth with a gentle soap to clean. Wax should regularly be reapplied to keep a protective layer as it is washed away when cleaned. 

Metal table tops offer a variety of aesthetics to fit any restaurant or hotel but tarnishing and staining is unavoidable and needs to be considered when specifying a metal top. 

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