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Covent Garden, London

London’s premier teppanyaki restaurant has a new home.

Benihana’s newest restaurant in Covent Garden, is one of their most stunning. Explore their Japanese dining chairs and other Japanese inspired interior furniture. 

Benihana is known for their exciting take on Japanese dining for nearly 60 years. Combining delicious food, with amazing entertainment and culinary flair, as the chefs theatrical cooking delivers drama table-side. 

In their newest restaurant, Covent Garden, the drama doesn’t stop at the table. 

The venue, designed by La Villaine, utilises dramatic architecture, natural materials and Japanese design principles to form the perfect stage for culinary entertainment.

Kirkdale has collaborated with La Villaine to supply Japanese inspired interior furniture, dining chairs and bespoke tables that compliment the venue and the ideals of Benihana in this £2 million opening.

We asked La Villaine to take us through their design process.

What were your initial Concept Ideas?

First of all, it’s important to understand that Benihana offers a theatrical, teppanyaki dining experience with roots in Japanese traditions. Therefore, the initial concept was inspired by the essence of Japanese architecture and design principles as well as Japan’s humble culture.

Benihana restaurant London restaurant tables chairs furniture interior design
Benihana restaurant tables dining chairs furniture
What were your initial Design inspirations?

Our initial design inspirations came from various Japanese elements.

We were fascinated by the Kintsugi principle which is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold which ultimately is about making the imperfect perfect. It’s a concept we felt strongly about as we believe that life is about finding the beauty where it is. 

We have also used some more literal codifications such as the use of timber, concrete,  screens, and defined roof tile designs which are prominent in Japanese design.

Would you like to make any acknowledgements?

And finally, we would have not been able to achieve this wonderful design without the effort of everyone, starting with Kirkdale. 

Main contractor: H+G Design & DJI

Concrete tops: Concrete Carrot

Concrete render: Polished Plaster Co

Lighting: Atelier lighting

Leather: Yarwood

Tile: CTDA

Timber Floor: Ted Todd

Timber Cladding: Shou Sugi Ban

Wash hand basin: Kaldewei

Kirkdale Studios, Benihana, seating chair interior, interior furniture for restaurants, hotels, bars, bespoke furniture, contract furniture for hospitality
Kirkdale Studios, Benihana, seating chair interior, interior furniture for restaurants, hotels, bars, bespoke furniture, contract furniture for hospitality

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Benihana restaurant London restaurant furniture interior design lighting
Benihana restaurant London restaurant tables dining chairs furniture interior design
Looking for a taste of Japan?

Since opening their doors in 1964 Benihana has offered a unique and immersive dining experience. Now with almost 60 years of experience they are experts in delighting your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Why not level up your meal by trying the party menu for a special occasion.


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