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A unique place to experience the magnificent atmosphere and sense of occasion.

Our bespoke seating solution for Ascot Racecourse, collaborating with Sella-Concept – Venesian inspired interior design & contract furniture

The Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot is rightly regarded as one of the most special venues in British sport.  

The origins of the Royal Enclosure can be traced back to 1807, when an area was reserved exclusively for family, guests and the Household of King George III to view the first running of the Gold Cup.

The Royal Enclosure has evolved and expanded over time but remains the beating heart of Royal Ascot and is a centrepiece of the British social season; a unique place to experience the magnificent atmosphere and sense of occasion.

We were very excited to be involved in the refurbishment of one of the private boxes in the enclosure, designed by the team at Sella Concept.  Their designs led to the creation of some of our favourite bespoke pieces to date.

Ascot Racecourse Sella Bespoke seating Venesian interior design chairs bar
Ascot Racecourse Sella Bespoke design contract furniture chairs bar outdoor Hotel interior design

Almost every item on this project was made bespoke and tailored to the design concept of this project, including this bespoke seating. With only 7 weeks to complete, it was all hands on deck to ensure this contract bespoke furniture was of high quality and deadlines were met for the 2022 Summer Race at the Royal Ascot.

Lets talk about a few… 

The above stainless steel edging, added at a later date, is becoming a trend over the past few months as we see them specified on more and more concepts. However, not the easiest material to work with. It can’t be welded or dressed, therefore there are limitations on finishing and joints. 

Having said that, our factories in the UK have done a magnificent job in working with us to get these just right. 

Ascot - Contract Furniture Sofa Chairs Interior Design
Ascot - Bespoke Contract Furniture Sofa Chairs Interior Design Tables

These bespoke PDR bases were designed to mimic the angles of the table top and finished to match the stainless steel edge details on the top. The brief was also to produce this large base in sections to allow for dismantling.

Being able to bring this Venesian interior design project to life was an exciting project. Mainly using contract bespoke furniture, this is a great example of how we can help bring your designs to life.

Questions about any of the items from this project or any other bespoke requests can be sent to the team at Kirkdale Studios here –

Feel inspired by this bespoke seating project?

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