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January 2024

A guide to children's furniture in hospitality spaces

When it comes to designing and furnishing hotels and restaurants, catering to families with children is very important to creating a child-friendly atmosphere that keeps families coming back, choosing the right children’s furniture is essential.  In this guide, we will outline what customers should look for when selecting children’s furniture for commercial spaces..

We understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for your young guests so we’ve considered some key features to consider and look for when choosing children’s furniture for hospitality  commercial spaces.

Safety First

Safety is paramount when it comes to children’s furniture in commercial environments. Kirkdale Studios takes pride in ensuring that all our furniture adheres to the rigorous British safety standards (such as BS EN 17191:2021 that ensures children’s seating is designed with safety as a priority and is appropriately tested) this is important to give you and your clientele with children peace of mind when visiting your venue and encourage repeat visits.

British safety standards ensure that children's seating is designed with safety as a priority and is appropriately tested to withstand indelicate use.
Durability and Maintenance

Different age groups have varying needs and preferences. It’s important to consider the age range of your target audience when selecting children’s furniture. For hotels and restaurants, it’s wise to have a mix of furniture that caters to toddlers, young children, and older kids. High chairs and booster seats are vital for younger children while smaller heights on tables are needed for kids not quite ready to sit at the adult table. At Kirkdale Studios, we offer a variety of age-appropriate options to suit your needs.

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Comfort and Ergonomics

Whether they’re sitting down for dinner in a restaurant or playing in a hotel lobby, children have a right to feel comfortable and safe in their environment. A big factor of this is the furniture that is provided for them. Good ergonomics is just as important for children as it is for adults. 

When eating or playing in a chair, the 90-90-90 rule is important to remember, there should always be a 90 degree angle between their knees, hips and elbows to encorage proper posture as they grow. Furthermore, Kids feet should always be able to touch the ground rather than hang above it and if the seat needs to be high to match a table, a footrest should be available.

Adaptable furniture is great for hospitality venues as they allow you to accommodate a range of ages with one chair. Providing pillows and footstools can also limit the range of furniture you need to buy as they can be used to easily and quickly adapt standard furniture to fit smaller bodies. 
Children should feel comfortable while dining or playing in your establishment. Choose chairs with proper back support and ergonomic design. Tables should be at an appropriate height for the intended age group. Comfortable seating and tables can enhance the overall experience for both children and their parents, encouraging better behaviour at food and play time and therefore longer stays.

Colour and Theme

Children are often drawn to bright colours and playful designs. Incorporating these elements into your furniture creates an inviting and playful atmosphere. Customisation options are available to align with your space’s needs, Upholstering your furniture with coloured or patterned fabrics can improve engagement with kids as well adding more visual elements for the rest of your guests to enjoy. Picking a durable, easy-clean fabric is best when designing a space for kids as rough & tumble play and accidental spills are common.

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Space Planning

Consider the layout of your restaurant or hotel space when choosing children’s furniture. Ensure that there is adequate space for children to move around safely without causing disruptions to other guests. Proper space planning can enhance the overall dining or leisure experience for everyone.

Storage Solutions

Whether it’s toys, snacks or a change of clothes, little ones come with a lot of bags. Having creative storage solutions for parents to stow away strollers, diaper bags, and other necessities are vital when creating an enjoyable experience for every guest.   This thoughtful addition can greatly improve the convenience of visiting families and stop bulky strollers from disrupting walking routes.


Make sure your furniture is accessible to all children, including those with disabilities. Ensure that there are wheelchair-friendly options and that the layout allows for easy navigation by individuals with mobility challenges by creating larger walkways, ramps and adaptable table heights. You should also consider children with other hidden disabilities, how might a child with autism or adhd navigate the space you’ve created, is there an opportunity to create a calmer environment for these children and their parents.  

Kirkdale - ND54 Highchair Insitu-min, Children's contract furniture, nursery chairs and tables.
Kirkdale Studios, Luxembourg Kid Insitu, Children's contract furniture, nursery chairs and tables

Choosing the right children’s furniture for hotels and restaurants involves careful consideration of safety, durability, age-appropriateness, comfort, design, space planning, and accessibility. By selecting the right pieces, you can create an inclusive and inviting space that caters to families and enhances the overall customer experience.

Remember that in the UK, children’s furniture must adhere to strict legal requirements to ensure safety. Always check for compliance with British safety standards when purchasing children’s furniture for your commercial space. At Kirkdale Studios, we are committed to providing high-quality, compliant children’s furniture that meets the needs of your business and your young guests.

Contact us today at to explore our range and create a child-friendly environment that sets your establishment apart.

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