At Kirkdale Studios, we specialise in restaurant, bar and hotel interior design solutions that enhance the guest experience. We always try to supply our clients with the best care, information and of course, furniture.

Check out our suppliers guides below to find information on all things contract furniture, from specification tips to interesting trends, we’ve got you covered

Children's Contract Furniture

January 2024

When it comes to designing and furnishing hotels and restaurants, catering to families with children is very important to creating a child-friendly atmosphere that keeps families coming back, choosing the right children’s furniture is essential.  Read more…

200 Years of Furniture

November 2023

We’re going back to the furniture with a look at some of the most important furniture pieces and styles of the past two centuries, focusing on the evolution of furniture design and examining how certain styles have lent themselves seamlessly to commercial and hospitality environments in the last century. Read more…

Enriching the Future

October 2023

Promoting ethical and sustainable practices, from the material used in our furniture, to developing opportunities and careers for young industry talent are choices that we are making every day to enrich the future of our industry. Read more…

True Ugliness can be a Treat

September 2023

We believe that true comfort in seating is an art form. The furniture you choose sets the tone for your establishment but we show you all of the chair options available before you make a choice about your new furniture. Read more…

Suppliers Guide: Deliveries

September 2023

At Kirkdale Studios, we understand that the delivery and installation process plays a vital role in ensuring the success of your projects. Read more…

Setting Sail with Style

September 2023

Welcome aboard as we embark on a fascinating journey into the world of contract furniture in marine environments. At Kirkdale Studios, we’re all about making waves in the hospitality industry, and today, we’re diving deep into the nautical realm. Join us as we explore what it takes for furniture to thrive in the unique conditions of marine environments, from cruise ships to yachts. Read more…

Contract Furniture: Banquette Seating

June 2023

When planning hospitality spaces, the right seating arrangement can make all the difference. There is one particular seating option that has gained immense popularity in recent years and that is banquette seating. Read more…

Suppliers Guide: Ensuring Quality & Suitability

September 2023

In the dynamic world of interior design, where functionality meets aesthetics, quality contract furniture plays a pivotal role. This is where the rigorous process of quality control comes into play, assuring that each piece is not only a work of art but also a reliable, long-lasting investment. Read more…

Suppliers Guide: Care & Maintenance

July 2023

Kirkdale supplies a broad range of furniture in a variety of materials all with their own cleaning methods.
This guide will show you how to care and maintain your furniture, prevent damage from occurring and improve the lifespan of your piece. Read more…

Suppliers Guide: Furniture Inspires Fashion

September 2022

As street fashion has become a staple in our wardrobes and on the runway, interesting collaborations between fashion and furniture brands have grown in popularity. Read more…

Contract Furniture: Metal Table Tops

November 2022

A metal table top is a great option for contract use, as it will be hard-wearing, practical and can handle a lot of weight; their durability means that they have a long life without need for much repair or replacement.  We work with experienced craftsmen to produce high quality metal tops that will perfectly complement your hospitality space. Read more…

Contract Furniture: Table Sizes

August 2022

With many different variations of dimension available, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which size you require for a specific number of people.  Our table guide is a good starting point for helping you to understand the recommended table size for your covers and using the space you have in the most efficient way. Read more…

Contract Furniture: Marble Table Tops

September 2022

Marble is a popular choice for table or counter tops in restaurants and hospitality venues. Its strength, durability and unique vein patterns add a touch of luxury to any location. Read more…

Contract Furniture: Table Bases

September 2022

When it comes to table bases there are a lot of options to choose from but you should always pick a base that will fulfill the practical needs and aesthetics of the venue. Read more…